Best-in-class performance

Whether you're working with a single table or multiple, you'll experience at least 300% better performance on StarRocks compared to other popular solutions.


Cost-based optimizer (CBO)

StarRocks' CBO finds the most optimal plan based on the collected statistics of your data. It is the key to StarRocks' best-in-class query performance, especially with multi-table queries.


SIMD-optimized fully vectorized execution engine

With a columnar storage engine and fully vectorized operators implemented in C++, StarRocks makes full use of modern multi-core CPU and SIMD instructions to boost performance.


Hybrid row-column storage

StarRocks enables over 10,000 QPS per 16-core instance through optimized point queries and primary key-indexed acceleration on hybrid row-column storage.


Data cache

StarRocks' built-in memory-and-disk-based caching framework is specifically designed to minimize the I/O overhead of fetching data from external storage to accelerate query performance.

Real-time analytics

From streaming data to data capture, with a rich set of connectors, you can ingest data into StarRocks in real-time for the freshest insights.


Primary Key table

Deliver unmatched query performance with real-time upserts and deletes. StarRocks' primary key index enables data changes to be efficiently resolved during data ingestion, optimizing read performance while supporting sub-ten-second data freshness with mutable data.


Synchronous materialized view (SMV)

StarRocks' synchronous materialized view can be incrementally updated at data ingestion and perform query rewrite at query execution. With guaranteed consistency between the base table and the SMV, StarRocks' SMV further accelerates real-time analytics.

Analytics with flexibility

A query engine that adapts to your use cases. Without moving your data or rewriting SQL, StarRocks provides the flexibility to scale your analytics on demand with ease.


Shared data architecture

StarRocks separates storage and computing through persisting data in remote object storage like AWS S3. This setup offers dynamic scaling, storage cost savings, and independent scaling of computing and storage.


Unified catalog

With a single command, StarRocks' catalog enables you to connect and directly query the freshest data stored in all of your data lakes with ease.


Asynchronous materialized view (AMV)

Engineered to be built on demand to accelerate slow queries without any external processing tools. StarRocks' query rewrite capability enables AMVs to be built at any time without the need to manually modify your SQL.


Standard SQL

ANSI SQL syntax, MySQL protocol, and Trino/Presto dialect support. StarRocks is compatible with a wide range of clients and BI tools.