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Achieving real-time analytics using Apache Kafka

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Real-time analytics is fundamental to businesses whose data is constantly added and updated, such as trust analysis and waybill analysis. Although technologies that enable real-time data keep evolving, a number of daunting issues are yet to resolve: how to ingest streaming data in real-time, how to complete complex queries in the earliest time possible, how to analyze data from OLTP systems, and how to update data in real-time.

StarRocks has the pill for all these questions! In this webinar, Peter Pang, senior solution architect at StarRocks, will navigate you through some use cases about real-time analytics that you definitely want to know and show you a demo.


  • What requirements should OLAP systems meet to achieve real-time analytics?
  • Demo: StarRocks+ Apache Kafka®, StarRocks+ Apache Flink®+MySQL
  • Use cases
  • Q & A


Meet the Speaker

Peter Pang, Senior Solution Architect with years of experience in distributed systems and big data.


About StarRocks

StarRocks is a free, open OLAP database enabling blazing-fast analytics.

StarRocks provides exceptional performance in various data analytics scenarios, including multi-dimensional screening and analysis, real-time data analytics, and ad hoc analytics. StarRocks also supports thousands of concurrent users. It is widely used in business intelligence, real-time data warehousing, user profiling, dashboards, order analysis, operations, monitoring analysis, anti-fraud, and risk management. More than 100 large and medium-sized enterprises across various industries have deployed StarRocks in their online production environments, including Airbnb,, Tencent, and Thousands of StarRocks servers are running stably in customers' production environments.


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