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[Webinar Video] How can StarRocks outperform ClickHouse, Apache Druid® and Trino?

Recently, StarRocks published an article stating that it outperforms ClickHouse, Apache Druid®, and Trino in TPC-H and SSB flat-table benchmarking. StarRocks' excellent support for wide tables, star schema, and snowflake schema saves users the trouble of making compromises on data models and maximizes data value under the most appropriate model.

You may find more details in this article.

Why does StarRocks perform so well in wide-table and multi-table queries and what's the reason behind this? 


Check this webinar video.


In this webinar, senior solution architect Peter Pang with StarRocks will bring answers to all these questions:

  • What is StarRocks?
  • What makes StarRocks deliver 1.7x query performance than ClickHouse and 2.2x than Apache Druid® in wide-table scenarios?
  • How can StarRocks achieve a query performance 14.6x than Trino in multi-table scenarios?
  • Live demo test
  • Q&A


Meet the Speaker

Peter Pang, senior solution architect with years of experience in distributed systems and big data.


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