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StarRocks proudly announces its receipt of InfoWorld's Bossie Award, marking it as one of the top open-source software of 2023. This honor reaffirms the dedication and hard work put forth by the StarRocks community. We owe this recognition not just to StarRocks' capabilities, but to each member, user, contributor, partner, and supporter who has ardently championed our cause. Their unwavering commitment has been the backbone of our success.
Ian Pointer shares insight into what sets StarRocks apart:
"Analytics has changed. Companies today often serve complex data to millions of concurrent users in real-time. Even petabyte queries must be served in seconds. StarRocks is a query engine that combines native code (C++), an efficient cost-based optimizer, vector processing using the SIMD instruction set, caching, and materialized views to efficiently handle joins at scale. StarRocks even provides near-native performance when directly querying from data lakes and data lakehouses including Apache Hudi and Apache Iceberg. Whether you’re pursuing real-time analytics, serving customer-facing analytics, or just wanting to query your data lake without moving data around, StarRocks deserves a look."
Alongside us, a special nod to our valued partners, Apache Superset, Apache Hudi and Apache Iceberg, as they, too, grace this celebrated roster.

What is the Bossie Award?

InfoWorld’s 2023 Bossie Awards recognize the year’s leading open-source tools for software development, data management, analytics, AI, and machine learning.
For a comprehensive look at all the winners or to delve deeper into the details, please visit here.