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Recently, StarRocks re-licensed its Elastic License 2.0 to Apache License 2.0.
In just a little over a year since StarRocks made our code available on GitHub, the community has seen tremendous growth. Currently, there are hundreds of enterprise users from medium and large enterprises worldwide and nearly 10,000 community members using StarRocks in data analytics-related work across various industries. There are also dozens of well-known high-tech companies with full-time R&D engineers contributing to StarRocks.
To better support the development of the StarRocks project and grow the community so that we can solve more problems in different use cases, we decided to switch the license.
This license change marks an important step for StarRocks to be a more open and collaborative, community-driven project. Compared to Elastic License 2.0, Apache License 2.0 is more permissive and has fewer restrictions for users and developers. Under Apache License 2.0, you can freely use and develop StarRocks in more scenarios, including building analytical database hosting services based on StarRocks.
Thank you to our existing global StarRocks community for your support to date. We look forward to the continued growth of the StarRocks community and hope you will join us to build the world's most advanced analytics database, together!
Authored By StarRocks Project Management Committee