Some additional information in one line
Hi Community, it's Albert and I just wanted to send you a quick note about what has been going on with StarRocks for the past two months.
Just as a warning, I'm going to ask you to "like" or comment on various entries. The committers want to know that their work is being appreciated and seen, and seeing "likes" makes them happy. :-)
As you are aware, we just released StarRocks 3.1 and one of the major features is support for writing to Apache Iceberg tables, support for random bucketing table creation, along with 100+ new features. There is a lot of good stuff in the release notes, and we have been working hard to create new functional features and work on quality-of-life features. Please "like" the entry at and and speak up in chat or create a github issue on the things you'd like to see.
Next we have added a bunch of new integration like Apache Inlong, Apache Paimon, MindsDB, Cloud Canal and others (please "like" the entry at and added tutorials on how to write data in Apache Iceberg (please "like" the entry at and in Tabular, the enterprise version of Apache Iceberg (please "like" the entry at We also did some work with getting StarRocks working on Red Hat OpenShift (please "like" the entry at and it should work on the open source equivalent OKD. The full list can be seen here (please "like" the articles you find of value).
Finally, I wanted to let you know that we also have a blog at where we post some official announcements and I write a blog to talk about interesting things that I find in the data space market that you may or may not know like "Why are there benchmarks for some databases but not for others? You can thank Oracle and where are we now?" and "The hottest area of database design: Querying billions of rows per second with SIMD". You can find the full list at