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LeetCode Leverages StarRocks for Real-Time Analytics at Scale

World’s leading online coding platform uses StarRock’s next-generation analytics to power new features for millions of users


Menlo Park, CA – February 13, 2024 – StarRocks, the next-generation analytics platform, today announced LeetCode, the world's leading online coding platform will leverage the StarRocks platform to power LeetCode Rewind. The revolutionary new feature allows users to replay past attempts, analyze code execution step-by-step, and gain deeper insights into their strengths and weaknesses by tracking progress over time.


Delivering this interactive experience at scale presented a significant technical challenge according to LeetCode which needed a data platform that could handle a massive influx of historical code submissions while providing instant responses to millions of users simultaneously.


"We evaluated several solutions, but only StarRocks met our demanding requirements," said Ashish Bansal, developer at LeetCode. "StarRocks' real-time analytics capabilities and exceptional scalability were vital in building a seamless and performant platform for LeetCode Rewind."


StarRocks excels in processing large datasets at industry-leading speeds, making it ideal for real-time analytics workloads. Its columnar storage format and vectorized execution engine enable efficient retrieval and analysis of historical code submissions, allowing users to instantly replay their attempts and receive detailed feedback.


"We are thrilled to see StarRocks partner with LeetCode and empower their users with deeper learning experiences," said Andy Ye, COO of CelerData, one of the main contributors of StarRocks. "StarRocks' ability to handle massive data volumes and deliver instant insights makes it the perfect platform for powering innovative features like LeetCode Rewind."


With StarRocks at the core, LeetCode Rewind is transforming the way programmers learn and improve. Its intuitive interface and detailed code execution analysis offer valuable insights that accelerate skill development and boost confidence.


About StarRocks

StarRocks is a next-generation analytics platform built for the demands of modern data workloads. It combines the power of a MPP architecture with the flexibility of a columnar engine, delivering unrivaled performance and scalability for data lake analytics, real-time queries, and operational reporting. StarRocks is empowering businesses around the world to unlock the value of their data.


About LeetCode

LeetCode is the world's leading online coding platform, used by millions of programmers to prepare for technical interviews and improve their coding skills. With a vast library of coding challenges, detailed solutions, and a vibrant community, LeetCode has become an essential resource for aspiring and experienced programmers alike.


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